QuickBooks Multi User Setup for Pro, Premier & Enterprise Versions

The QuickBooks software of both Pro and Premier version accords users with the option of accessing the multi-user process under which more than one user can work on the same company file simultaneously without much issue or trouble. Herein all the users are networking together but on a separate QuickBooks license for each user. Multi-user option allows work on the company file by more than one user simultaneously which helps to increase the productivity of the business by enhancing the collaboration between users of the software.

Moreover, the business owner also get benefited with improved efficiency and authenticity of the work completed as almost all the licensed users are inputting their activities on updated company file. Furthermore, security aspect of the software is also of top quality as accessibility level of each and every user can be individually set. In order to process this feature, all user has to do is click on File tab from the main menu bar and then select the option called “Multi-User Mode”. For the business requiring complete access for more than 5 users at the same time, QuickBooks Enterprise Software should be downloaded.

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How to Purchase Additional Licenses?

For multi-user mode to work properly, user is required to purchase different license of the software for each and every user having access to QuickBooks software. In order to do this, following steps need to be followed:

  • Go to main menu bar of QuickBooks on the dashboard.
  • Click on Help tab followed by selecting Manage My License.
  • From the new drop down menu click on Buy Additional License, which will open new screen giving two options to buy license – from phone support or the website.

Once the required license has been bought, user will be instructed to install, register and then sync the new license within the QuickBooks software. Once the software has been installed on different systems, multi-user mode has to be configured. Under Internet access, user can employ the software through cloud system or gain remote access through different third party software to remotely operate QuickBooks via one of the other computer systems.

For more information about the purchase of additional license or the user faces issues in following the above written process, they are advised to connect with the QuickBooks Support team established by Intuit itself comprising of individuals proficient in tackling all sorts of errors faced with QuickBooks and resolve them in stated time period. Alternative agencies like Quickbooks.support-telephonenumber.com can also be approached to resolve issues via responsive chat support or Toll free Number – 1-844-604-1482.